QB64 Game Programming     

by Terry Ritchie

Site update: June 2020

Please note: I'm still updating the site. Should be complete by the end of June. Please be patient.

06/01/2020 - The asset file has been updated to include Task 21

Before you start this course click here and please take a few minutes to read the forward.

 Task 1: Downloading and installing QB64
 Task 2: The IDE (Integrated Developer Environment)
 Task 3: Your First Program
 Task 4: Introducing Variables
 Task 5: Conditions and Branching
 Task 6: Looping
 Task 7: Graphics
 Task 8: Subroutines and Functions
 Task 9: Gathering Input
 Task 10: Variable Arrays
 Task 11: String Manipulation
 Task 12: Math Functions
 Task 13: File Input and Output
 Task 14: Music and Sound Effects
 Task 15: Working With Images
 Task 16: Colors and Transparency
 Task 17: Collision Detection
 Task 18: Sprites and Sprite Sheets
 Task 19: Motion Vectors, Angles & Rotation
 Task 20: Particle Effects
 Task 21: Layers and Parallax

 Download the asset file needed for this course

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